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“For years I struggled with chronic pain due to lower back problems. I tried every possible means to overcome this crippling pain that severely limited my life, including physical therapy, several different medications, acupuncture, and major invasive surgery. Everything was to no avail -- until I met Carolyn that is. After only a few sessions in which Carolyn explained and carried out her healing philosophy, I was able to get off painkillers (which I had taken every day for years). Carolyn taught me how to harness and apply the innate healing power of the mind in order to cure myself of the chronic pain. I learned more and more during each session, and can proudly proclaim that today I am 100% pain free. But the learning never stops -- I continue to see Carolyn and apply the lessons she teaches to every facet of my life. Whether it's in school, at home or at work, life and its vicissitudes can often overwhelm, but the tools I have learned from Carolyn allow me to face any problem that may arise with a calm mind. I feel better today than I ever have, thanks to Carolyn.”





“I worked with Carolyn Smith for a 2 year period, and it was the most rewarding personal growth experience of my life. She offers a unique blend of keen intelligence, powerful intuitive elements, and an expansive open mind. She is warm and loving, but also employs crystal clear clarity and objectivity in her therapy sessions. I always felt emotionally free to roam and explore my inner life with her and found my way thru the tender compassion of her empathy and strength. I learned how to self calm and be less reactive. I learned to feel when my emotional triggers were emerging and how to turn a stressful moment into a more objective purview of myself. I learned how to help others by experiencing her deep listening ability, and applying it to my circle of friends and family. I learned how to forgive an absent father, and found the feeling of love for myself. I am on my way to a whole new way of being, and it is because of Carolyn Smith’s gifts and wisdom as a therapist.”I enjoyed the sessions more than I can express in writing, because she engenders a feeling of life being an adventure and possibility, once the old childhood hurts are expressed and healed. She is fun and funny and many a session was spent laughing and simply being happy to be in her presence.Then you get to play with the truth of the moment we have here and now. Not past not future but the gift of today. I had to go thru the pain of my past and now thru Carolyn’s miraculous loving and extraordinary guidance am feeling more alive and completely capable of traversing this amazing life of mine.”





“Thank you for helping me during this traumatic part of my life. I truly can see and feel a huge difference in my awareness and understanding. The thought of where my life would be if I had only met you a decade ago is mind blowing. The great thing about all of this is I am truly in a different space in my thoughts and emotions. I can honestly see things opening up for me and for that I am truly grateful.”


Mother & Financial Consultant



“I went to Carolyn for help conquering my fear of public speaking. Not only have those fears gone away, but I now look forward to speaking and teaching, something I could never have imagined before visiting her. I have since gone back for assistance focusing on work at times when it seems impossible to focus to great success. I can only say good things about Carolyn and the healing and change her work brings.”





“Your sessions have provided tools I can use under stressful and anxiety-provoking times. You have helped me accept and appreciate what is going on in my life in one certain moment, which has made me a more grateful and relaxed person. I have learned a lot about myself. Thank you for all that you have done and the work that you do.“





“I have been a client of Carolyn Smith for several years and can’t speak highly enough about her. She is an excellent therapist who combines hypnosis with a depth of character that enables you to safely explore the issues that hold you back, whether short or long term. She helps you see (and nurture) your own strengths – many that you frequently don’t appreciate - and through her wisdom and experience works with you to help integrate those parts that have been fragmented. “


Travel Consultant



“You have made such a difference in my life. With my inner calmness, I have been able to live a stress-free life, and I know how healing that is for my cancer.“


Home Maker



“I have been smoke free for six years and I feel so healthy and proud. I want to express my gratitude.“


Administrative Assistant



“I had to write to tell you what a success my sessions with you have been. I feel so much more confident and self-assured.“




“I had been trying to quit smoking for 25 years. I tried everything- the nicotine patch, behavior modification, and a support group - but nothing helped. Thanks to you, I finally accomplished my goal.“


Restaurant Owner



“It is difficult to explain all the wonderful transformations I've gone through since our sessions began. Just opening up to my higher self allows me to love others and myself in such a way that I feel total peace and security.“


Home Maker


“Yes! I gave my speech to more than 100 people and felt completely relaxed. I couldn't believe it. Thanks.“


Film Producer


“Thank you, Carolyn, for curing my insomnia. I now sleep through the night!“


Advertising Executive


“I wanted to thank you again for helping me overcome my fear of flying. Without you, I would have never been able to go the airport, much less fly to Europe.“


Sales & Marketing


“My spiritual awakening was a direct result of our sessions. Thank you for assisting me to discover my Soul Path.“




“Working with Carolyn helped me stop smoking (closing in on 20 years now),and change my relationship to public speaking from one of anxiety to attunement and from fear to fun. These two meaningful life changes have had such enormous value for me that is hard to quantify them. Thank you Carolyn!“



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